The great ways tea can help you!

If you are a big fan of tea you are sure to want to know about the many great tea effects on health. Tea has tons of great health benefits that you are sure to love when it comes to your body such as lessening the effects of neurological degeneration.

There are also lots of other ways that tea can affect your health. Tea is hydrating to the body despite having caffeine. This makes it great for when you are feeling dehydrated or need an extra boost of energy. Drinking tea has also been linked to lowering the risk of Parkinson’s disease. When considered with several other factors regularly drinking tea has been associated with a lowered risk of the disease altogether in both genders. Green tea varieties have also been found to promote bone growth and strength which makes it a great choice if you want to strengthen your bones. Tea can also be a favourable beverage for those with type two diabetes as studies have shown that certain compound found within green tea can help diabetics process sugar in a better way.

As you can see there are several great effects that tea can have on your body. All in all, we think that tea is one of the greatest beverages around!